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Heather O'Brien
Heather O'Brien

Welcome, friends! I am so excited you’re here. I started my own stationery business over 13 years ago as a newlywed in the spare bedroom of mine and my husband’s home. I had just graduated from the local university with a degree in graphic design and walked into the corporate world doing marketing and design. I was so excited to work with some amazing people and learn and grow while I was there, but I knew my heart ached for more.

I painstakingly researched and learned and made errors and then learned some more. This was back before there were Facebook groups and local entrepreneur communities to learn and grow with. Online education was not even a thing at that point, much less something specifically for stationery designers. Even today with online education in its prime, education for stationery designers lacked; and I knew it was time for that to change. So I’m so excited to introduce to you The Cultivated Creative a one stop shop for stationery education resources.

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