The Stationery Business Roadmap 2.0

Learn how to grow your stationery business like a boss!

So you’ve made made the decision to become a stationery designer? That is so exciting! I am truly so happy for you on this amazing adventure you have ahead! Or maybe you’ve been doing this for a little while now, but are still a bit overwhelmed and are struggling to keep your head above water? Don’t worry, we’ll get you to that place in your business that you’ve always dreamed of!

There are so many ins and outs of running a business, and more specifically, a stationery business. I have spent the last decade learning, researching and investing in my own stationery business to learn these ins and outs. During that time, I noticed a huge hole in our industry, education specifically for stationery designers. While there are a few amazing resources that have come up over the last few years, there was still a major lack in online education.

Enter, The Cultivated Creative’s The Stationery Business Roadmap. A course dedicated to educating and empowering stationery designers. This in-depth course is broken into 4 sections comprised of 12 total modules. Each section contains 3 modules covering Your Basics, Your Numbers, Your Business, and Your Client.

These modules will walk you through everything you need to know to begin and run a stationery business that will bloom and give you the freedom that every entrepreneur dreams of. Do you need to know the very basics of the stationery industry; we have modules for that! Do you need to know how create a budget and price out your services and products; we have modules for that! Do you need to know how to automate your business and create the perfect client mock ups; we have modules for that! Do you need to know how to find your ideal client and create your marketing; we have modules for that! Let’s get started!

Your Instructor

Heather O'Brien
Heather O'Brien

Welcome, friends! I am so excited you’re here. I started my own stationery business over 13 years ago as a newlywed in the spare bedroom of mine and my husband’s home. I had just graduated from the local university with a degree in graphic design and walked into the corporate world doing marketing and design. I was so excited to work with some amazing people and learn and grow while I was there, but I knew my heart ached for more.

I painstakingly researched and learned and made errors and then learned some more. This was back before there were Facebook groups and local entrepreneur communities to learn and grow with. Online education was not even a thing at that point, much less something specifically for stationery designers. Even today with online education in its prime, education for stationery designers lacked; and I knew it was time for that to change. So I’m so excited to introduce to you The Cultivated Creative a one stop shop for stationery education resources.

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